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Mission: Throughout the 15 plus years of watching this industry grow, we, at VIP Wig and Beauty, have encountered many concerns and questions customers have had with hair and makeup. Even though we cannot say we are experts, through experience and time, we have picked up on a few tricks and tips to make being beautiful a little less time consuming and easier on your budget. This section was created with the customer in mind to answer some of those questions like a friend to a friend.  

Bold Eyes and Lush Lips 

Create attention grabbing and feature accentuating looks with the VIP crew's favorite cosmetic line, NYX. From natural to bold hues of shadows, liners, and lip colors, you will most likely ALWAYS find the shade you are looking for. 

Newest addition to the NYX cosmetics line is the Brow Kit. There are 3 different kits depending on the shade of your hair (natural or not). 


NXS Beauty Hair System

What is cooler than clip-in extensions? Extensions that do not require gluing or sewing and have the durability of a sew-in. 

Check it out at


CLIP-IN Extensions (Human, Synthetic, and everything imbetween)

Clip-In Extensions is a quick and easy way to create instant length and volume to your hair without the negative impacts of glue. 
Have realistic expectations when purchasing Clip-Ins. Individuals who originally have short hair (2"-8") should not expect natural looking results simply by attaching long extensions (14"-20"). To make the extensions look natural, they will have to be cut or styled. 
Also, make sure that you get the Clip-Ins that fit your needs. For instance, if you want the flexibility to wear your hair curly one day and bone-straight the next, you will need to purchase a Clip-In that is 100% human hair. Otherwise, you should purchase one set of straight Clip-Ins and one set of curly Clip-Ins. 
The frequency the Clip-Ins are worn and method in which they are taken care of will determine the life of your Clip-Ins. 

If you have any questions, please ask the sales associate at the VIP Wig and Beauty nearest you. 
See You Soon! 

Check back with us frequently for information on new products, hair tips, and trends.

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